General Political Consulting

“Success in any organized effort is a focused discipline of planning and execution.” 

A good strategy differentiates you from the opposition not necessarily by being better or faster to the game, but rather being smarter about the route taken.  The Accretive Consulting team provides political consulting services at the local, municipal, and state level. The team works to deliver everything from daily campaign management operations to execution of individual projects for a candidate or issue group.

We at Accretive Consulting can support you in any effort by:

  • Tracking issues relevant to your business’ interests.
  • Evaluating the impact of introduced guidelines and legislation on business operations.
  • Facilitating meetings with necessary local and state government officials.
  • Lobbying at the state, county, and municipal levels.
  • Conducting candidate evaluations and contribution recommendations.
  • Creating voter education guides for management and employees.
  • Drafting proposed legislation or legislative amendments.

Our Work

Accretive Consulting
In Nevada especially an election has the opportunity to bring significant change to the trajectory of our state; and though lessons are learned from one cycle to the next, rarely are there repeats or significant similarities from year to year.

General Election 2018

Clark County Commission Race

During the 2018 general election, Kami ran a long-time Democrat in an evenly split District between the two major parties.  The district leaned slighty conservative due to the 2016 wave.  The political climate was divisive and voters would rather vote for a party than a candiate.  The campaign had to run an aggressive, issue-based campaign that was targeted to specific population groups. Identifying voters early and speaking to them through a myriad of methods was the only way to earn their trust and loyalty through election day. There was never a time we could let off the gas. Each aspect of the campaign received equal deliberation and execution. The multi-faceted campaign was one that had never been accomplished before, requiring Kami to be a master principal with many experts perfectly unified and coordinated on a daily basis.

Our strategies worked, as we won the general election with 56% of the vote in a three-way election.

General Management & Consulting

Accretive Consulting customizes the best strategy for every client, based on the goals, messages, audiences, timeframe, obstacles to overcome, budget allowed, and openness to out-of-the-box thinking. Some of the examples of additional support services that can also be provided include the following areas:

  • Message development, creative design and direct-mail services.
  • Robo-dial and direct message advocacy.
  • Digital ad promotion, targeting and optimization.
  • Web design and social media.
  • Spanish Language services i.e. translation, interpreters, on-camera Spanish language services etc.
  • Tele town hall capabilities with live social media interaction.
  • Internal Control Assessment.
  • CPA and financial accounting compliance.
  • Performance Process Improvement.

Media Relations

Our team knows how the media works and we understand how to frame clients’ issues to drive news coverage. Our teams’ partners have extensive experience working with regional, national, international and trade media. Team representatives include former journalists and highly skilled media relations practitioners who regularly work with print, broadcast and online media.

Crisis Communications

Our project team has extensive experience in crisis communications and share the common belief that the most effective means of crisis communication is to recognize and accept the truth of the situation. Even in the initial crisis phase is the need for concurrent strategic planning and preparedness for the multiple stages that follow. Having an expert team that has great resources helps maneuver the momentum and conversation.


Accretive Consulting along with its partners have extensive experience planning special events, neighborhood outreach meetings and stakeholder open house events. It has been our experience that regardless of what kind of high-profile situation it may be: Federal agency, State Agency and Executive, prominent business or a land-use development project, each creates their own unique challenges when working with interested community groups. It is vital that information is presented in a setting that is custom for each participant. Kami is a certified public engagement practitioner who has experience using many tactics for engagement with diverse interests to achieve a common goal.