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Accretive Consulting contracts with State and local governments and publicly financed agencies to assist with effective and efficient strategy and engagement. We serve as a bridge between administrations, across the political aisle and from the private sector, bringing together diverse perspectives to develop forward-thinking solutions and put them into action.

Whether it is a long-term study, major infrastructure project or an issue-specific undertaking, we understand that the only way to improve government is to share in a long-term vision that is focused on transparency and equity through inclusive engagement.

Policy-making boards require more than just ideas — it takes a talented group of knowledgeable, action-oriented problem-solvers capable of driving detailed results and innovation. That’s why we work with all State and local entities to help them transform the government we have into the government we want and need.

We are proud of the work we’ve done. But there is always more on the horizon and we can’t wait to get started.

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While every state is unique, maneuvering within the nuances of state and local government in Nevada can be truly daunting. It does not take long for business executives coming to the state for the first time to realize Nevada is truly distinctive.

Whether it’s the state’s position as a leader in the gaming, hospitality, and entertainment sectors, or the fact that 90% of its landmass is owned by the federal government, the “Silver State” offers something for everyone. Renewable energy companies enjoy Nevada’s favorable climate and tech companies have set up shop in the state because of its low tax structure and access to usable land.

Accretive Consulting is here to help guide clients through the maze of legislative, legal, and administrative agencies. We have a proven track record of success in providing lobbying and strategic consulting services at all levels of government; whether procuring a government bid contract, fighting for specific policies, or engaging in elections, we have done it all.

We provide business consulting services to identify state and local trends; navigate challenging political environments; increase brand awareness and opportunities; initiate community engagement and develop and maintain networks of key contacts that will help your business thrive within the state.


Accretive Consulting is a bi-partisan, full-service public advocacy firm. We use our decades of experience to help manage all facets of comprehensive campaigns and organize issue coalitions that leverage the right tactics with the right voices at the right time. Accretive Consulting understands that achieving ultimate success often requires organized voices at every turn.

Accretive Consulting helps identify, cultivate, and develop the allies you need to be effective.

The detailed-oriented firm has extensive experience with:

    • Increasing public awareness for an issue,
    • Executing grassroots and/or grasstops support,
    • Manage coalition members and relationships,
    • Providing strategic consulting regarding messaging, special events, media relations, fundraising, and voter targeting.

Coalitions, especially, have become highly effective vehicles for galvanizing public support or opposition to public policy matters, regulatory proposals, and ballot questions. From our collective experience in both government and the private sector, we understand coalition management strategies and tactics from both sides of the equation and will work with you to optimize your message and consolidate the third-party validators and influencers who matter.

Accretive Consulting

Current and Former Clients*

Accretive Consulting is widely recognized for its sound judgment and strategic advice, guiding both public and private sector clients through the inner workings of regulatory structures, governmental services, and political realities.  Since its inception two decades ago, Accretive Consulting is proud to have serviced its clients through winning strategic communications, lobbying, and campaigns at all levels. *list is not all-inclusive

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