About Accretive Consulting

/əˈkrēdiv/ adjective
Characterized by the coming together and cohesion of matter under the influence of
gravitation to form larger bodies. Characterized by gradual growth or increase.


“No one calls us when things are easy.” 

Whether you need a political operative to lead your cause or a team to engage targeted audiences for a specific issue or project, Accretive Consulting has the expertise and drive to make it happen.

Accretive Consulting is a female-owned premier provider of strategic communications, government relations, and public affairs engagement for all of Nevada.

For more than two decades, Accretive’s founder and President, Kami Dempsey, has been a trusted voice in Nevada’s political, business, and governmental realms. From large, statewide campaigns to small, individual business projects she and her team have created successful outcomes for its many clients.

Nevada is a small state, and who you have representing you means something. Accretive’s team has earned accolades and recognition and will make sure your company or project stays on track and achieves your desired results. Accretive’s team of experts are eager to hear about your next project and get to work.

Founded in 2003, the firm specializes in maximizing every tool at its disposal to bring about positive results.

Accretive is an expert at analyzing any situation and finding a pathway to success for its clients.

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