Charitable Relations

By engaging in local charitable giving your business’ reputation strengthens and you attract others who seek to align with your brand

There are countless options for charitable giving in Nevada but it is important to take into account the operations, ethics, and procedures of charities to ensure your business is donating to organizations that will have a lasting impact on the community. A business, individual or group can enhance their own mission and goals by engaging in non-profits that offer paralleled support services within your area of interest.  We help you align with the charitable organizations that can influence the most positive change and provide a joint partnership to enhance the community. Accretive Consulting performs the necessary background work and provides recommendations for both causes and charities so you can implement the best social responsibility strategy that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line as well as having a lasting impact on the community.

Our Work

Accretive Consulting promotes the importance of business becoming part of the local community and giving back. As businesses develop relationships and look to establish a greater presence within a specific market within our State, charitable giving and non-profit engagements can be extremely helpful to quickly learn and expand the knowledge and understanding of our unique culture. Accretive Consulting can work with both non-profits’ organizations, businesses, and government agencies to better partner with other local community groups to maximize its impact on the very group we are trying to help.

project 150: high school is tough enough

Project 150

For example, when Kami served as a Board member of Project 150 and Communities in Schools, her business partner happned to be engaged with Three Square. They used our combined resources to host small and large discussions with the casino & entertainment industry, the charities mentioned as well as other community partners, to find solutions as to how they could maximize the hotels food network to feed our most hungry public school students.

Route 91 Memorial

Route 91 Memorial 2018 – Vegas Stronger

The Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting in Las Vegas left many families heartbroken from the loved ones that were taken from them and survivors struggling with their own unique effects of the trauma they experienced. Two Survivors sought to have a Memorial that did not focus on the anniversary of this horrific event, but rather a tribute to the hearts and souls that were unified while trying to heal and bring some solace in the wake of this tragedy.

The Clark County Commission, City of Las Vegas Council, and the Injured Police Officers Fund unified to host an all-day tribute to the Route 91 angels and survivors. Through these combined organizations, Accertive Consulting led the coordinated efforts among the agencies, private businesses, families, charities and the other hundreds of other individuals and establishments that sought to be a part of the dedication.

The event hosted more than 3000 participants traveling from many states and Canada, and included live music from several country music bands and artists, food vendors, special memorials on the grounds, and an uplifting program that celebrated the survivors, our emergency responders, hospital and urgent care staff, friends and family and of course, the 58 lives that were lost that day.

Every detail of the day’s activities was managed meticulously to address the concerns and trepidation felt by the survivors. The experience had to finesse the needs of all of those in attendance who were experiencing waves of emotions while needing a light-hearted celebration of the unity of our community. The celebration planned over five months, had such a positive impact that discussions for an annual event are ongoing.