Coalition Building

In today’s political climate, building community backing and aligning your efforts with influential supporters is instrumental for success

In today’s political climate, educating the community, building groundswell support, and aligning your efforts with influential supporters is instrumental for a winning campaign, issue, or project.  Accretive Consulting recognizes the importance of connecting with the right key players in the state of Nevada in order to ensure the maximum impact for your campaign, issue, or project. Our team works to identify interest groups, government officials, organized labor and business leaders needed to create a strong foundation of support.  The key is to bring together the most influential minds in Nevada and engage them to act on your behalf.

Our Work

County-wide Ballot Question (2016)

On the November 2016 general election ballot, Clark County voters were asked if they would be willing to index fuel taxes based on inflation to help pay for road improvements.  It was an uphill battle to convince voters of this need with the declining maintenance dollars available from other entities.  Taxpayers had lingering sticker shock by recent pump prices, as the County still had not fully recovered from the great recession, and in general, no one embraces the concept of increased costs.

However, we successfully won the ballot measure with a 13% winning margin.  The secret is strategic planning and paying attention to every coordinated detail.  There is no one part of a campaign that is more important than another. Accretive Consulting has worked with many issue campaigns and understands the unique intricacies on how to build, from the ground up, a successful team and messaging strategy to make your effort a success.