Community Outreach

Building connections within the community helps amplify your vision and message while also stretching every dollar invested

Nevada is home to a powerful and complex network of government officials, organized interests, business leaders, and public representatives. Our community has flourished and reinvented itself on many occasions because of visionaries who promote innovation and new ideas.  However, without requisite outreach, great ideas may only remain a dream.  The key to successfully and efficiently moving your plans into action is to work with established networks and assets to further your ideas.

In the many decades and hundreds of outreach efforts, one thing remains constant, whether you are a public or private entity, it is always easier to get it right the first time than to be forced to absolve with the original plan, entangle any messes and attempt to regroup with a new effort.  That method is costly, not just with your dollars, but also with time and reputation.  Allow Accretive Consulting to help you build your connections in the state to further your business’ success – the first time around.

Our Work

The Bureau of Land Management

Clark County

First Solar’s Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Array – Environmental Assessment

The Silver State North project was the nation’s first large-scale solar power plant built on public land under the BLM’s “fast track” process for renewable energy projects which had been implemented during the economic downturn.  The projects now owned by Canadian-based Enbridge Inc., which sells power to NV Energy for use in the Las Vegas area. The photovoltaic technology generates clean, emissions-free energy.

During the EA and approval process, Kami was the facilitator for all stakeholder communications and engaging with individuals, labor organizations, environmental groups, off-road enthusiasts, area businesses, landowners.  She managed endangered species matters, environmental concerns and land use plans.  As a negotiator, Kami had to coordinate discussions and find solutions to problems within a reasonable timeframe while frequently updating elected officials, their staff and other governmental agencies in an effort to maintain on course. There was immense pressure to make the first private development on federal land a success under this new administration, so all eyes within the market were focused on this project.  Needless to say, there was no room for error.  The project was a huge success and the array is still a sea of beauty today!

Silver State North Solar Project at a glance:

  • Location: Clark County, Nevada, near the community of Primm.
  • Net Peak Capacity: 50 MW (AC).
  • Project Area: About 600 acres (on Bureau of Land Management lands).
  • Approximate number of solar modules: Over 800,000.
  • Annual yield: 122,000 MWh (corresponding to the annual consumption of about 9,000 homes).
  • Energy Purchaser: NV Energy (25-year PPA).
  • CO2 saving: 42,000 metric tons per year (the equivalent of taking about 8,000 cars off the road).
  • Estimated peak workforce: More than 300 Union Jobs during construction.