Political Consulting

Success in any organized effort is a focused discipline of planning and execution

A good strategy differentiates you from the opposition not necessarily by being better or faster to the game, but rather being smarter about the route taken.  The Accretive Consulting team provides political consulting services at the local, municipal, and state level. The team works to deliver everything from daily campaign management operations to execution of individual projects for a candidate or issue group.

We at Accretive Consulting can support you in any effort by:

  • Tracking issues relevant to your business’ interests.
  • Evaluating the impact of introduced guidelines and legislation on business operations.
  • Facilitating meetings with necessary local and state government officials.
  • Lobbying at the state, county, and municipal levels.
  • Conducting candidate evaluations and contribution recommendations.
  • Creating voter education guides for management and employees.
  • Drafting proposed legislation or legislative amendments.

Our Work

Accretive Consulting