Government Affairs

Navigate government regulations that impact business decisions at local and state levels

Accretive Consulting is well versed in all aspects of government relations with decades of experience in corporate and government affairs.  We provide resources and expertise to navigate the government regulations that impact day-to-day business operations. Small and large businesses alike are impacted by the political climate, state legislation, and local ordinances & guidelines. The well-versed team at Accretive Consulting will guide you through government-related decisions and ensure your interests are represented in local and state capacities.

Government affairs services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lobbying at the state, county and municipal levels.
  • Legislative & ordinance evaluation, drafting amendments & position statements.
  • Track identified issues relevant to your business’ interests.
  • Evaluate impact of introduced guidelines and legislation on business operations.
  • Facilitate meetings with necessary local and state government officials.
  • Lobbying at the state, county, and municipal levels.
  • Candidate evaluations and contribution recommendations.
  • Voter education guides for management and employees.
  • Strategic Planning for the best hearing solutions.
  • Coordination with other like-minded efforts.
  • Development project troubleshooting.

Our Work

Lobbying: State & Local Representation

Accretive Consulting has more than two decades experience lobbying at the Nevada State Legislature and before local governments such as Clark County, City of Las Vegas and City of Henderson and Regional Boards like the Regional Transportation Commission and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Board. Kami’s philosophy goes beyond just having the relationships with the elected and appointed leaders and the staff, but also learning the merits and the issues from all sides.  She does whatever it takes to prove your case much like winning in a court of law. Accretive Consulting also provides a team of experts to represent your interests. Kami has long-standing and trusted relationships with decision makers at all levels.

The diverse team is well versed in all aspects of government relations, having worked in large and small businesses, within the government affairs realm.

  • Lobbying at the state, county and municipal levels.
  • Advocate for issues at the regional level.
  • Issue management and tracking.
  • Ordinance evaluation and drafting; amendment drafting.
  • Testimony preparation and Q&A preparation.
  • Strategic planning for the best hearing solutions.
  • Pre-hearing meetings and briefings with elected officials.
  • Coordination with other like-minded efforts.
  • Development project troubleshooting.

Nevada State Legislature, Agenda and Policy Development

With more than two decades working in and with government, Accretive Consulting has a record of success in developing and shaping policy. Kami has researched, developed and lobbied for government and regulatory streamlining, education reforms for both K-12 and higher education, government transparency,  tax and fee changes, and implementing expansion opportunists for public-private partnerships, so that we may make the impossible possible.

Accretive Consulting worked with the Nevada State Legislature in preparation for the 76th session. In this role, our team researched and developed hundreds of potential legislative opportunities and delivered a report to the Nevada State Assembly covering the areas of taxation, health care, education, public safety, criminal justice reforms, transportation, renewable energy and the economy. From this multitude of legislative designs, Accretive Consulting was able to craft the 2011 Assembly Policy Priorities used during the state’s current legislative session.

In addition to this work, Accretive Consulting coordinated efforts between the Assembly and Senate to determine their top priorities and author a joint agenda for the session which had never been accomplished before. These issues became bills that were “fast tracked” in the first weeks of the session.

Nevada is one of the top States to start or expand a business.  Unlike other top destinations, the local communities have a can-do approach to working with private industry to make the impossible possible.  However, getting started down the road and maneuvering through the processes and various agencies can often times be overwhelming and difficult for even the largest of corporations who may not be used to Nevada’s unique structure.  One thing that has been consistently proven – every state believes they are unique, but once successful, you will find that we live up to our distinctive flare.

First Transit: RFP Process, Opposition Research & Local Government Support

First Transit is a subsidiary of First Group, the world’s leading transportation corporation. First Transit had been one of the top finalists during an on-going, two-year contentious RFP process before the Regional Transportation Board.  Kami, along with First Transit, assisted their efforts to procure the largest bus operations contract in the United States through the RTC.  Some of the efforts included:

  • Used relationships to develop intelligence and background of the vision and intent of the agency.
  • Executed opposition research on First Transit to fully prepare the company for negative materials the competition may have brought forward; as well as provide our own research regarding the competitors.
  • Provided advice and guidance during the RFP submittal process.
  • Established meetings with key decision makers which included labor groups, business leaders, organizations, finance experts, and customers of the system.
  • Securing the staff recommendation of First Transit as the preferred vendor, which would then be voted on by the full elected Board.

This RFP process provided us many learning opportunities, and the RTC made significant changes to the bus contracts and streamlined the process to be more straightforward for future bidding opportunities.

Nevada Division of Lands

Department of Defense – Office of Economic Adjustment

The Floyd Edsall Training Center

The Floyd Edsall JLUS Study coordinated efforts among the military, government agencies, property owners,  other key stakeholders and the general public in a cooperative planning effort. It identified compatible land uses adjacent to the military bases, and developed strategies to deal effectively with military operations in a manner that protected the best interests of both business and residential property owners, while also protecting the ability of the military to effectively utilize the base for its intended purposes. Moreover it provided tools and procedures that local governments and agencies could implement in order to reduce encroachment impacts.

Joint planning between military installations and local governments became urgent with the update of the North Las Vegas Master Plan as development began to encroach on Southern Nevada’s two military bases within our community (Nellis AFB & Creech).  This study was vital to protecting the military mission, maintain military readiness, and support national defense objectives, and to protect the overall health, welfare, quality of life, and economy of the community, as well as individual property rights.