Strategic Planning

Analyze your business or campaign and identify areas of improvement to ensure statewide success

Accretive Consulting provides analysis and strategic planning for your business as a whole, or in specific areas of need.  The team can provide a review of overall business practices, marketing strategy, community outreach, government affairs, and community relations. Gaining an outside perspective of your firm’s impact within Nevada with recommendations for improvement will allow for positive movement and growth.

Strategic Planning

Accretive Consulting understands the importance of developing community relations for either a company relocating or hoping to do business in Nevada. Our team members already have the relationships and capability to introduce our clients to the people they need to know, making sure they become an integral part of the community. Accretive Consulting also has the experience and expertise that is crucial to effectively represent our clients to the media and the public, whether it is on routine issues or in times of crisis.

We will provide advice, assistance, and strategies relating to the determined goal or goals. Accretive Consulting will anticipate, and heed potential obstacles created by any individual, group, defined stakeholder, or concerned member of the public.

We always have our pulse on emerging issues in the community and are able to leverage our expansive network of contacts to always remain one step ahead of the game.

Kami especially is a recognized expert at connecting people with diverse interests for common goals. She has widespread knowledge of complex government and regulatory processes.  She has worked with a broad array of community stakeholders representing businesses, environmental groups, neighborhood associations, non-profit agencies, trade associations, and governments at all levels.

Her philosophy is to always leave a situation better than she found it.